Peter Greene: Ohio Charter School Closes Mid-Year, Without Warning

I think the extra coat of paint is starting to come off the “pretty new charter school” concept. People are starting to see the rust and damage underneath the paint.
We will begin to see more closing similar to this, eventually, the closing rate will accelerate.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Peter Greene writes here about a charter school in Ohio that closed mid-year. The decision was made, the school closed, at least one student didn’t get the news and showed up to find that her school was gone.

Occurrences like this send a message to Ohio parents about charter schools. They come and go. That may be a reason charter enrollment in charters is declining in Ohio.

Greene writes:

“One of the things that you get with a pubic school that you do not get with a charter schools is a promise, a long term commitment to stay in place and keep your doors open. Folks in the Mahoning Valley (near Youngstown, Ohio and Sharon, Pennsylvania) were reminded of that as yet another charter school closed its doors with the year well under way.”

The school was opened to help students in academic distress, but things were going badly. So…

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