Humor: Alexandra Petri Explains Why Ed Gillespie Lost: He wasn’t Trumpian Enough!

Diane Ravitch's blog

This is the funniest analysis of Ed Gillespie’s loss in Virginia that I have read.

Trump brushed off the loss and said Gillespie didn’t embrace him enough. This from a man who polls in the mid-30s.

Petri agrees with Trump.

“He forgot that there is more to Trump than just racism: There is also corruption and incompetence.

“He did the first part just fine. His MS-13 commercials were exactly the sort of nightmarish dog-horn that is Trump’s specialty. But he forgot: That is not all that “Trumpism” is. Otherwise we would not need a special new -ism for it and could just say “racism.”

“No, Gillespie barely even tried. Where was the paranoia? Where were the unhinged rants about wiretapping? Where were the attacks on the legitimacy of the free press? There was, naturally, some gleeful disregard for fact, and those lines about sanctuary cities were Trump-ish, but there could…

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