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Texas: Stand Together Against the Voracious Charter Industry

Originally posted on Diane Ravitch's blog:
PTC is joining with many parent groups and school boards to fight this direct assault on local control and democracy. Pastors for Texas Children is a staunch ally of public schools and of…

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Once Upon a Time in the Hub City

With about 6 weeks remaining in the 1988-1989, the school year, spring sports had mostly concluded and football offseason was in full swing. There were these two young coaches, both in their first year at the school. Coach One is … Continue reading

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Axioms… (at 40)

Originally posted on Meta-Annoy-Ya:
So I turned 40 a few weeks back and decided to make a list of axioms that I’ve picked up, stolen, or discovered in these few decades of being here. Some of these I could of…

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