Once Upon a Time in the Hub City

With about 6 weeks remaining in the 1988-1989, the school year, spring sports had mostly concluded and football offseason was in full swing.

There were these two young coaches, both in their first year at the school. Coach One is 6’3” and near his playing weight from college and he has recently left the Australian Special Forces. Coach Two is 6’1” and 195lbs.

Coach One is in the gym conducting mat drills with about 35 athletes. Coach Two walks in from outside without Coach One noticing. Coach Two walks up behind Coach One and reaches around Coach One’s neck like a choke hold. In the blink of an eye, Coach Two is sitting in front of Coach One, laughing hysterically.

With 35 athletes are standing there in disbelief as to what they had just witnessed; Coach One had just flipped Coach Two over his shoulder like a rag doll. In Coach One’s defense he had told Coach Two not to ever walk up behind him because he was a little reactive. Of course, Coach Two had to test the theory which proved to be true.

Oddly enough, the remainder of the school year, neither coach had a single disciple problem in their class. The rumor around school was that they were both crazy and not to mess with either one of them.

The story you have just read is a true and accurate account of the events in the spring of 1989.

NOTE: The two coaches have been best friends since then. It will be a moment in time that they will always remember.

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