The Lack of Leadership of Texas

This most likely will be my last blog post of a while, therefore this must be one of the highest importance. I submitted my retirements papers from public education last week. Even though I am retiring, I still have two children and my wife that must get up each day and attend a public school.

The State of Texas is run by a three of the biggest incompetents in the United States; Governor Little Greggy Abbott, Lt. Governor Little Dan Patrick, and “I’m under multiple indictments Ken Paxton. Even though the Republicans and trump lost the 2020 presidential election 9 months ago, trump and his followers still claim the election was stolen.

Because of the fraudulent claim of a stolen election, the “leaders” of Texas have framed all of their legislative actions around that fraudulent claim.

They scream daily about the crisis at the border. Yes, there might be a problem at the border, but it is the same problem that has existed for years. Since 1952, when Ellis Island was shut down, there has not been a clear “procedure” for immigration into the United States. Until there is a clear procedure, then not anything that call be done by the posturing by the Texas leaders.

In an effort to support the fraudulent election claims, the legislature has been trying to pass voter suppression laws since their legislative session began in January 2021. The Texas Democrats are doing all they can to stop this from passing.

I saved the best and most important for last. The handling of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Once again, still following the trump playbook of incompetence. Everything is a political issue, and every decision is made in opposition to the Democrats. In March, the statewide mask mandate was lifted abruptly. For several months the positivity rates continued to decrease. This was in large part to increased vaccinations. By the end of March everyone over the age of 18 was eligible. Towards the end of June, a new strain of the virus, the Delta variant, began to become more widespread. Through July, the rates spike to serious levels and the governor declared frequently and loudly that there would be no more mask mandates or shutdowns even with the positivity rate almost doubling each day.

With the opening of schools approaching this week, there has been no leadership, only anti-leadership. He has not help establish any safe guidelines for opening schools.

Abbot’s School Opening Plan:

  1. All schools will be open for 100% face to face instruction. Distance learning will not be funded.
  2. No mask mandates shall be allowed or enforced.

What the school opening plan should look like:

  1. The delay of face-to-face instruction shall be delayed until September 7th, 2021. Virtual instruction can be used until then or just delay all instruction until then.
  2. Mask must be mandatory until a documented 90% vaccination before mask mandate is lifted.
  3. Every person (student and staff) must be tested prior to entering the building
  4. After the initial testing, every person must be retested every 10-14 days.
  5. Anyone testing positive will be place on homebound status for 14 days minimum.
  6. Since there is still $7B in federal Covid funds designated for public schools. That money should be used to clean and sanitized every vent and duct in the HVAC system of every school building. After the cleaning, a CDC recommended HEPA air filtration system SHALL be installed in every school building.

Which plan looks better to you?

David R Taylor

33-year Teacher, Coach, Principal and now Retired.

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