Good News, Arizona Teachers: No DNA Database for You

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When I began seeing ads for the likes of “23 and Me,” I thought, “Here we go. Massive DNA data collection. Where to next on this DNA data train?”

Well. I can’t say that I expected Arizona teachers to have to face the possibility of mandatory DNA collection as a job requirement.

From the February 19, 2019, Arizona Republic:

Arizona could soon be one of the first states to maintain a massive statewide DNA database.

And if the proposed legislation passes, many people — from parent school volunteers and teachers to real estate agents and foster parents — will have no choice but to give up their DNA.

Under Senate Bill 1475, which Sen. David Livingston, R-Peoria, introduced, DNA must be collected from anyone who has to be fingerprinted by the state for a job, to volunteer in certain positions or for a myriad of other reasons.

The bill would even…

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