Arthur Goldstein: I’m a Teacher and I Don’t Want a Gun

Diane Ravitch's blog

Arthur Goldstein dissects Trump’s idotic plan to arm teachers and explains why he doesn’t want to be armed. He has his hands full being a teacher. Trump is pandering to the NRA and wants to sell more guns, and they don’t care who buys them.

Trump doesn’t hear you. He doesn’t hear the students. He hears the NRA. He had to bring a crib sheet to his meeting with parents and students. The last written point was “I hear you.” What kind of a person brings a written reminder to say that at a “listening session?” Someone who isn’t listening.

The NYPD stat for hitting the target in a gun fight, he says, is 18%. What would it be for a teacher with a handgun facing a homicidal killer with an AR 15?

“If you’re Donald Trump, you think the classroom will be a safer place with a gun in…

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