Tennessee: State Plans to Mandate Better Results

Sounds like more “whipping the jockeys and hoping the horses run faster”

Diane Ravitch's blog

Reader Joan Grim reports on Tennessee’s plans to improve outcomes by mandating better outcomes.

Forgive a certain lack of tolerance for stupidity, but this is one of the dumbest programs I have heard about lately.

She writes:

“Diane, you are truly an amazing woman- the gift that keeps on giving. We need your voice now more than ever because these people are not going away. The network of right wing lawmakers and lobbyists are still introducing laws to degrade & dismantle the public education system and reduce the teaching profession to a cheap, computer algorithm. Are there other states whose reps & media are promoting the following failure narrative for public teacher prep? Be on the look out for more “reform”

“Here is what’s happening in TN:

“Spotlight on Teacher Prep Programs

”Teacher preparation programs took center stage this week as both House Education Committees heard presentations on the topic…

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