Note to DeVos: A School is not a Taxi or an Uber

Diane Ravitch's blog

At the Brookings celebration of school choice, Secretary DeVos said that people should choose a school like choosing Uber or some other alternative to the traditional public school. She is clueless about the role of public education in a community and in a democracy.

Picking your mode transportation is a consumer good that you pay for; public education is both a public good and a right.

From the transcript of the video (please post the link if you can find it):

“Separately, the report argues that ‘There is no question that alternatives to the traditional school district model are destructive of the traditional school district model.’

“Many would read this and conclude that such
alternatives (or choices) are destructive of traditional public schools and of the students they serve.

“But I would argue that these alternatives are constructive, not destructive, for students, parents and teachers.

“Let me offer this…

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