Educators in North Texas Unite in Rage Against A-F Grades and Vouchers

Diane Ravitch's blog

The Texas legislature is starting a new session and once again Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (former rightwing talk show host) will lead a fight for vouchers.

Once again, legislators from rural and urban districts–Republicans and Democrats–will combine to defend their community’s public schools. This year, the state launched the failed policy of giving every school a single letter grade, and now educators realize that these measures are invalid and are setting them up for privatization.

Imagine if your child came home from school with a report card and it contained only a single letter grade. As a parent, you would be furious. No child is only one dimension; no child can be reduced to an  or B or C or D or F. How much more absurd it is to attach a single letter grade to a complex institution like a school, staffed by many people, and subject to decisions made…

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