Angie Sullivan: Why Nevada Ranks Last in the Nation

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Angie Sullivan, second-grade teachers in Clark County, Nevada, wrote the following missive to the state’s legislators and journalists:

Behold! The Nevada Plan!

Report: Nevada Schools Place Last in Nation

The national grade and the grades for individual states are based on three custom Research Center indices that look at the role of education in promoting an individual’s chance for success over the course of a lifetime; overall school spending and equity in funding across districts; and academic performance, including changes over time and poverty-based gaps.

It is not enough to pronounce Nevada failing.

Let us be frank about WHY!

Nevada’s education system is failing because 50% of the DSA is diverted to primarily white rural schools. This gives 25% of Nevada’s children adequate funding for public education.

Many rural areas also benefit from mining proceeds which cannot be accessed by the south.

Oddly enough a large percentage 25% of the…

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