SB 432 and the Dissolving of Louisiana’s Recovery School District (RSD)

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On May 11, 2016, SB 432 passed the Louisiana legislature and is headed to Governor John Bel Edwards’ desk for his signature.

SB 432 effectively dissolves Louisiana’s state-run Recovery School District (RSD) by mandating that by July 01, 2018, every school transferred to RSD because it was designated a “failing school” be returned to the jurisdiction of the school board from whence it came.

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Of course, almost every school under state control has been converted to a charter school; such RSD charters are known as Type 5 charters. According to the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) website, RSD has 64 Type 5 charters. SB 432 stipulates that upon return to a local board, each Type 5 charter be converted to a Type 3B charter (which means it was once under the auspices of RSD but is now returned to a local board).

Prior to SB 432, only one such…

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