The For-Profit College Scandal: Why Isn’t Anyone Going to Jail?

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The burgeoning of the for-profit college industry has wasted billions of taxpayer dollars, sent many thousands of students out into the world with shoddy educations, and made a few people very rich.

One of the organizations that should have been closed down by the U.S. Department of Education is Corinthian Colleges. Here, Peter Greene reviews its sordid history, including the fact that the U.S. Department of Education bailed it out when it needed money, and Corinthian sold off many of its campuses to be run by a DEBT COLLECTION AGENCY. I put that in caps because it is incredible but true.

Greene writes:

“Folks who find themselves in debt for Corinthian educations, but without any marketable skills that would allow them to make money– those folks got in this mess by driving past a dozen corners where there should have been big bright neon red flags. But there were no…

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1 Response to The For-Profit College Scandal: Why Isn’t Anyone Going to Jail?

  1. asdf says:

    NON-PROFIT colleges are far worse. Google “campus rape allegations” or “academic fraud” or “Top 10 Highest Paid University Presidents” and find me 1 story that mentions a for-profit college. They waste billions of taxpayer money on useless campus amenities like tanning salons and rock climbing gyms, pumping out pointless liberal arts degrees, but somehow Liberals always turn their sights on anything that makes a profit. It’s that anti-capitalism rhetoric that ignores the injustice of socialism and corrupt Democrats like Elizabeth Warren, who conveniently stopped short of calling on financial measures for non-profit colleges because she knows which PACs and special interest groups line her pocket. Idiots.

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