NY Test Score Collapse: What Now?

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What should happen next in New York after the Common Core testing debacle?

I won’t share my thoughts here, which are strong, but instead share the views of an experienced educator. Jere Hochman is superintendent of the Bedford Central school district in Westchester County. This is what he concludes:

“Schools have always used standards, designed curriculum, taught kids, and assessed learning and acknowledged there is a lot of room for improvement. Still, SAT, ACT, and AP participation and scores are up as is college attendance and hundreds of thousands, millions of student success stories.

“But after the “Nation At Risk Report” in the ‘80s and other critiques going back to the late ‘90s, politicians and CEOs saw an Achilles heel that would advance their interests on the backs of kids and teachers while ignoring administrators and local school boards. Well intended efforts to “level the playing field” and “a new…

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1 Response to NY Test Score Collapse: What Now?

  1. jean sanders says:

    thanks for posting this here; teachers across the states need to help each other. My sister raised 4 children in Houston Public Schools and at that time I thought they were pretty good schools and 3 of the 4 kids got outstanding education. If I can be of any help from Massachusetts please let me know. I participated in standard setting in the 70s before any Massachusetts tests were produced. I call the Governor of MA and tell him not to beat up on GA and OK because they don’t want to spend the money on the tests and computer . I call Governor in NY (my neice goes to school there) and I intend to talk to parents in NY about the horrendous things they are doing with these tests. I like Diane Ravitch ‘s blog because it is very true to my own values. Even a right leaning site in MA says that there are no “benchmarks” in the NAEP tests (Jim Stergios at the Pioneer Institute in Boston) and an even better site is “FAIR TEST” also based in Boston but the author doesn’t live there. FAIRTEST has a fact sheet I am going to take to Albany to give to parents.

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