A Proposal to Improve the NCAA Transfer Portal

Based on the huge number of athletes that have entered the transfer portal, there is a definite problem. It is like the wild, wild, west without any rules. So here are some proposed rules to improve the process.

  1. No athlete may enter the portal during their sport’s season.
    • The portal will close two weeks before the first allowed practice of a sport.
    • The portal will reopen one week after the championship game for that sport.
  2. Any athlete mentioning entering the portal during their season will be ineligible to enter the portal at the end of the season. This includes all forms of social media and news reports.
    • If they choose to enter the portal following the season and have violated the “talking” clause, then they will be required to sit out an entire calendar year before regaining eligibility.
  3. Any athlete is only allowed the portal one time during their eligibility. If they choose to enter the portal a second or third time then each portal entry will be followed by a one year of ineligibility.
  4. If a head coach leaves their current school to accept the head coaching position, then an athlete may enter the portal to go with the head coach. This will not count as their one entry.

There may be other guidelines I am missing but these will serve as a foundation to begin the conversation.

Please feel free to add suggestions.

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