Time For Updated Voter Laws

I was researching Texas Election Laws to see if there was an option for having items placed on the November ballot based on obtaining a certain number of signatures. Not really surprised, this is Texas.

Every state, including Texas, should have a mechanism for having items placed directly n the ballot without needing to rely on a group of narrow-minded legislature that seem to only answer to people with large checkbooks.

A few items that need to be voted on by the people of Texas immediately.

  1. Abortion-Should it be legal in the State of Texas?
  2. Marijuana-
    1. Should it be legalized for all medical use?
    2. Should it be legalized for recreational use?
  3. Casino Gambling-Should full operational casinos be legal?
  4. Sports Betting-Should sports betting be extended beyond horse and dog racing?

It’s time for the people of Texas to have a true voice in the direction of their state rather than leave it to the current lack of leadership.

David R Taylor

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