Kansas Shows Us The Path to Improving States

Yesterday, the State of Kansas held vote on whether to continue to allow abortion to be constitutional in their state. The voted by a 60-40 margin to leave the constitution unchanged. Abortion will continue to be legal in the state of Kansas.

The State of Texas should take a page from Kanas. Put the issues on a ballot and let the people speak. Issues that should be on a ballot in November include:

  1. Abortion rights
  2. Legalizing Marijuana
  3. Casino Gambling
  4. Sports Betting.

Of course we know this will never happen. This would take courage and bold leadership. The current leadership lacks both. They instead are working hard to turn the clock back to the early 1950’s prior to Brown vs. Board of Education. They want to propose vouchers to recreate “separate but unequal” schools. They continue to reduce the requirements required to obtain a firearm. Their actions say they want more school shootings like Santa Fe and Uvalde.

Time for Gregg Abbott to grow a spine and allow the people to speak, all of them, not just the ones with money.

David Taylor

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