It’s Time to Make Texas Schools Safer

On May 18, 2018 a high school student walked into Santa Fe High School, in Santa Fe, Texas. He killed 8 students, including one foreign exchange student, and 2 teachers.

All that the poor leadership in Austin could muster was “prayers and thoughts”. They talked a lot in the days following the incident but that is all it was, TALK. There were not any action taken immediately or during the 2019 and 2021 legislative sessions.

Fixing gun law is a different topic, my focus here is on securing the buildings. Make it harder for gunmen to to enter school properties.

It is the legislatures responsibility to pass legislation and funding that requires schools be updated and secured.

  1. All new schools must meet minimum security standards.
    1. All doors locked and secured with alarmed doors.
    2. Cameras at each door to identify offenders. Camera throughout the building to monitor each building.
    3. Double and triple doors in which require buzzing through each door.
    4. Metal detectors each active entrance
    5. Funding for additional security to assist with ongoing metal detector duty.
  2. Existing school will require extensive retrofitting and up grades.
    1. Replace all doors with alarmed doors.
    2. Add-on to the building an entrance that has 2 or 3 locking chambers
    3. Add metal detectors and personnel to monitor them.
    4. Add video monitoring equipment to improve monitoring.

It is important to note that this is just important for rural school as it is for schools with in the city limits. I realize that many rural school believe they are immune to to possible attacks. The reality is they may actually be more vulnerable that schools in the city. Schools in the city have been using metal detectors for many years and they are very common place.

Many state leaders have suggested arming school personnel as a way to improve the situation. Arming staff does not fix the fact that buildings are not secure.

As I complete this article; 19 students have and 2 adults have died. Demand more from your state leaders. When November arrives and it is time to vote for Governor, Lt. Gov and other state legislative positions; keep in mind that the actions they did take and the actions that they didn’t take are 100% their responsibility. Hold them responsible at the ballot box.

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