Anti-Abortion is not Pro-Life

With pending Supreme Court ruling the on Roe vs. Wade the issue of abortion is a very hot topic.

There are many politicians that are calling the 100% elimination of abortion, they would be be considered anti-abortionist but not necessarily pro-life. They only want to restrict the right of woman to make choices about their bodies. They only support the birth of children, but not the healthy growth of those children after birth.

How do we know they don’t support the children after birth. They don’t support public education by providing the needed funding, instead they waste political time trying to support voucher programs. Then there is the broken foster care system run by Child Protective Services.

Pro-life is concerned with the whole life of the child, not just the birth. In 2020, there were over 47,000 children ages 0-17 in foster care in Texas. With that many children in foster care, why do we need to bring more children into this world that are not wanted?

So let’s not confuse Anti-abortionist with a Pro-lifer. Chose your word carefully.

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