Immigration is Dysfunctional

For many months Texas Governor Gregg Abbott has been waging a war on the southern border of Texas. He has sent millions of dollars worth of personnel and equipment to fight an exaggerated war on immigration. Yes, there are many immigrants at the southern border of the United States seeking a better life than where they came from.

There are several problems with Abbott’s war, the first being that immigration is under federal jurisdiction. The second is that the current federal immigration policy is broken and needs a complete overall.

In 1952, Ellis Island closed in New York. With the closing of Ellis Island, a “process” was discontinued. Immigrants were brought to Ellis Island, where they registered as they entered the country. There has not been a “process” since then. It is time to develop a new “process” for immigration, especially on the southern border of the United States.

I propose that we develop a process that begins in Mexico and ends in the United States with legal immigrations.

  1. Build a structure/tent that stretches from Mexico to the US where the following are conducted
    1. Test for potential harmful diseases.
    2. Food and clothing as needed
    3. Review asylum request/review for criminal history
      1. If someone is identified as a felon, then they would be denied entry, permanently.
    4. Fingerprint/DNA samples for ID purposes
  2. Upon clearing the process the immigrants will be setup with minimal accommodations to assist with transition.
    1. Job training assistance
    2. Review of previous training. If an immigrant was a professional in their home country, then we should explore their credentials. If they are a doctor, then we can always use more doctors.
    3. Get children into school. The more educated our population is the more informed decision we can make as a society. NOTE: Parents that fail to keep their children in school can be subject to their immigrant status revoked.
  3. Military Service.
    1. We have many immigrants/non-citizens that are members of the United States Armed Forces. Any immigrant and their immediate family (wife and children) that successfully completes military service and is honorably discharged shall automatically granted citizenship immediately. If they are willing to put their life on the line to fight for this country, then the least the country can do is grant them citizenship. If they die in the line of duty, then they and their family shall be granted citizenship posthumously.

Abbott needs to return to taking care of the citizens of Texas, which he is currently doing a poor job. He is spending more time blaming the President for years of failed immigration policy, which has been broken for at least 10 presidents or over 50 years. To keep blaming it on the current administration without offering any solutions is just whining.

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