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In July of 2021 I retired from Education after 33 years as Teacher, Coach, and Principal. I stopped blogging during that time because I was not near a computer much of the day.

I went to work for a Restoration Company (fixing buildings damaged by water, fire, smoke or mold). I had the opportunity to meet some great people while on the job, many of them were a part of the Athletic Department at Texas Southern University. At the end of February that came to an end, I was laid off due to a slow down in work, or so I was told.

Since that time I have been exploring other career options. I am not very eager to reenter the realm of public education. In just the single school-year that I have been away from it, it continues to deteriorate. My wife comes home every day with stories about her school where kids are vaping THC oil all day long in the bathrooms and the administration isn’t doing anything about. Stories of this nature will only encourage more teachers to retire/leave the profession.

With that said, I am returning to my daily blogging. My goal will be to write at least one original piece each day about my thoughts on different topics that are in the news recently.


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