New Rules That Should Be Adopted by The United States Senate

  1. Voting on all Presidential Cabinet Members shall require a 65% majority to be confirmed.
  2. Voting on United States Supreme Court Judge Nominations shall require a 65% majority.
  3. Approval of all Federal Judges shall require a 65% majority.
  4. The annual federal budget shall require a 60% majority.
  5. Any Bill sent to the Senate has to be voted on within 30 days. Either approve it, reject it, or modify it. Letting a stack of Bills sit on the desk of the Senate leadership for months and even up to a year is not doing their job.

Benefits of these changes:

  1. This raises the bar for finding competent people to fill these positions.
  2. Stops the deciding by a single tie-breaker vote cast by the vice-president as was the case with Betsy DeVos, Secretary of Education (some refer to her as one of the worst cabinet members in the short history of the position).
  3. It forces both parties to (novel idea here) work together. One party cannot bully their way into confirming a candidate.
  4. Helps bring all politics back closer to middle ground because one party can’t do anything without the help of the other party.

For the party extremist, of course these will not work. Then they lose control. But lucky for us, this isn’t about the parties, it is about the people of this country deserving better.

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