What Does Four More Year of Trump Mean for Public Education?

In short, it means four more years of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education. What does four more years of Betsy mean?

Let’s take a look at some of her greatest (worst) accomplishments:

Through November 2018

  1. She Set the Predatory Lenders Free. By gutting regulations intended to protect students, many of whom are veterans, minorities, and first-generation college attendees, from being defrauded by predatory schools and colleges, Betsy has put the interests of these for-profit colleges—some of which she has personal financial interests in—ahead of students.
  2. She Abandoned the Kids Who Need Her Most.  Betsy has dismissed civil rights complaints and ripped up guidance that urged public schools to allow transgender students to use restrooms that conform to their gender identity.
  3. She Made Sexual Assault Great Again.  Sec. DeVos has rolled back sexual assault policies on college campuses, established a higher bar for victims reporting complaints, and is now forcing survivors to be cross-examined by their attackers in court—this one is especially egregious in that DeVos is from Michigan, where Larry Nassar sexually assaulted 332 young girls and women at MSU over 25 years.
  4. She’s Still Trying to Get Us to Fund Private Schools With Taxpayer Dollars.  Betsy continuously calls public schools “a dead end”, and then advocates for a national private school voucher program by requesting $20 billion in the federal budget, even though all previous attempts in Michigan were humiliating failures, voted down by nearly 75% of the citizens of our state.
  5. She Tried to Starve Her Own Department of Funding.  DeVos proposed to eliminate the federal Department of Education…and then suggested cutting the Department’s funding by $9 billion — about 13 percent of the Department’s full budget allocation. DeVos’ budget eliminated money for after-school programs for disadvantaged youth and axed a grant program that helps low-income students go to college…in favor of increased spending on school-choice initiatives and private school voucher programs. Her proposal also included cuts to the Office for Civil Rights. In a stunning rejection of her request, the GOP-controlled House returned a budget with an increase of $3.9 billion—a 13% hike in funding!

Her Greatest Hits of 2019

  1. Secretary DeVos failed to enforce the civil rights of all students
  2. DeVos swipes at public school educators
  3. DeVos proposed massive cuts to the Dept. of Ed
  4. DeVos increased inequity in special education
  5. DeVos pushes to expand federal vouchers  
  6. DeVos attempts to roll back protections for online students

And for fun a reverse timeline of her 2020 Decisions

I could probably find more but, I think I’ve made my point, SHE IS HORRIBLE FOR EDUCATION, ESPECIALLY PUBLIC EDUCATION.

If you are an educator and are hellbent on voting to keep Trump in office, you better think more than twice about your profession before casting that vote to keep him in office. It is very simple, a vote for Trump is a vote for Devos.

If you can live with four more years of her diverting money from students, taking student protections away from students and taking civil rights away from students, then by all means vote for Trump and DeVos. While you are at it you might as well go ahead and resign now, because as they continue to take money from public school and divert it to charter schools, private schools and vouchers, you probably won’t have a job in the near future.

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