The Lesson Kids Are Learning from Reckless School Reopenings: YOU DON’T MATTER



Let’s say you’re an American school child.

It’s the first day of school.

Your parents dress you in your best new outfit – maybe a nice pink jumper with a unicorn on it.

They help you tie your new sneakers – that’s right, two loops and a knot.

Then they put a surgical mask snugly over your mouth and nose, adhere a clear plastic face shield from your forehead down and snap some latex gloves on your hands.

“Off to school, Honey!”

“Don’t forget your antibacterial soap and Clorox wipes!”

What do you suppose would be going through your mind?

Would you feel safe? Would you feel loved? Would you feel valued?

I don’t think so.

I mean sure your parents care enough to dress you like an extra from “Outbreak,” but they don’t care enough to keep you home.

Or maybe they do care enough but have no…

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