Watching Normal Slip Away

During the week of March 7-14, my family and I were in Florida for Spring Break. We had traveled to watch the Houston Astros at Spring Training and enjoy some time at the beach. While in Florida the Covid-19 Virus was beginning to affect the people of the United States.

On March 12th the NBA, NHL and MLB all suspended play indefinitely. Back home in Texas, The UIL (University Interscholastic League) suspended the Boys High School State Basketball Tournament after 4 games on Thursday, March 12th.

Since my wife, my kids and I are in 3 different school districts we had to wait until Friday March 13th for school in all three districts to be postponed for the following week. When it was postponed we took a couple extra days to be in the sun.

Wednesday, March 18th began what has been our new normal, my first ever Zoom meeting. At the same time as I was participating in my Zoom meeting my wife was participating in her Zoom meeting, all while driving down I-10 headed west for home.

The next couple of days were rather normal, getting up at the regular time and going to bed at a mostly normal time. When Monday, March 23rd rolled around, my kids had lessons online and ready for them. It was a new experience for them being online listening to their teachers and working on assignments. Different days had different Zoom meetings. We spent most of the week arranging and rearranging schedule so that 4 people in the house could be available for their scheduled Zoom meeting.

Most days, meetings begin at 830am which helps with staying on a normal schedule. Then there are the days when the earliest meeting in the house is 1030 or 1100am. All the sudden we sleep a little later, which causes us to stay up a little later because we’re not tired yet. Then by the weekend you are sleeping until noon and staying up until 1, 2, 3am.

Then bam, Monday morning rolls around and my son has an 830am Zoom lesson. Then there is a struggle to get up and get into the routine of the day. Now the new normal involves me sleeping more than 5 hours in a night. When I was working two jobs and helping coach my son’s teams, I never would have thought there would be a day when I go to sleep more than 5 hours. In the last 3 weeks I have gotten more sleep than I have in the last year.

Currently we are on a “stay home” order unless you need to go shop for essentials, like toilet paper. Since returning from Spring Break, finding toilet paper has been a challenge. Almost everyday I make a run to several stores to hunt of for toilet paper. I have found a little here and a little there. It is over priced and not our normal brand. At some point, any brand of toilet paper is better than none or having to find far less suitable options.

Being at home all day everyday has also allowed or forced us to do more yard work each day. So far, we have pulled weeds, treated the flower beds for weeds, and applied bark mulch to about 60% of our flower beds. They are looking much better. A little bit longer and we will have all of them cleaned up.

So, for now, the new normal is more Zoom meetings, online office hours, helping our kids get their work done, binge watching Netflix, Amazon Prime, or some other show on TV, more yard work and more erratic sleeping patterns. This is scheduled to go on through at least April 30th, but I’m not optimistic based on the latest reports. In all likelihood, we will not return to any kind of normal schedule until late July.

In the meantime; Stay home, Stay Safe and try to keep somewhat of a normal schedule (whatever that might be). Try not to sleep to much or over indulge in sweets and alcohol.

David Taylor

32 Year Teacher, Coach and Principal

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