Bloomberg Has Years of Experience Trying to Buy Elections. This Time He Isn’t Succeeding.


Mike Bloomberg has spent nearly half a billion dollars to try to buy the presidency.  But after yesterday—Super Tuesday, when fourteen states voted—it doesn’t look as though he’s going to be able to realize his investment by becoming the candidate of the Democratic Party.

I have really just begun to think seriously about the meaning of Bloomberg’s candidacy.  After all, I live in Ohio—not a Super Tuesday state.  Because our primary election isn’t until March 17, we have only this month begun to see the flood of Bloomberg’s ads.

I had started thinking back about what I know about Bloomberg’s takeover of the New York City Public Schools from 2002-2013. (See here and here.) But I had sort of forgotten that one of Bloomberg’s pet causes over the years has been contributing gobs of money to candidates all over the country who are strong supporters of charter schools. In…

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