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Ditzy DeVoid and IQ45, Two Songs

Originally posted on Bob Shepherd | Praxis:
“Oh Donnie Boy,” or “Orange Is the New Slack” (to the tune of the oh-so-appropriate “If I Only Had a Brain”) I just while away the hours A-tweetin’ in my bower, Consulting with TV.…

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About Those “Failing-Government” Schools

Originally posted on deutsch29: Mercedes Schneider's Blog:
In promoting US ed sec Betsy DeVos’ pet project of private school vouchers during his February 04, 2020, State of the Union address, President Donald Trump used a far-right, DeVosian description of…

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As part of the State of the Union speech, President Trump declared that “government schools” are failing. Failure reflects leadership in an organization. First education was a responsibility given to the states not the federal government in the beginning. The … Continue reading

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