Betsy DeVos Held in Contempt. Department of Education fined $100,000. What’s Going On?

Betsy should have to pay it out of her pocket.


Last week should have been a bad week for Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, but one wonders if it is possible to create a really meaningful punishment for somebody like Betsy DeVos—a punishment for allowing her staff to neglect their responsibility to protect vulnerable student loan borrowers who were defrauded by Corinthian Colleges.

Although last week it was announced that Betsy DeVos was being fined $100,000 for the Corinthian Colleges loan forgiveness disaster, it turns out that the agency—the Department of Education—is really being fined.  And even if DeVos had been personally fined, she is among the wealthiest members of President Trump’s cabinet, and the fine wouldn’t have made much of a difference given the size of her family’s fortune.

But the students who were defrauded are not so lucky. DeVos is responsible for causing what has to be financial misery for at least 16,000 students and parents who were billed…

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