Revealing Podcast About Success Academy — Part Three

Gary Rubinstein's Blog

So far, the first two episodes of StartUp’s podcast series about Success Academy has been completely one sided.  Fortunately, that begins to change in episode 3 (which can be found here).

To education reformers, grade 3-8 state test scores are the proof that schools in this country are ‘failing.’  And the promise that charter school supporters made about 10 years ago was that if charters got a chance to take the money and the students, they would show that they could get the 3-8 test scores up in their district.  For the most part, charter schools were not able to deliver on this promise.  All, that is, except Success Academy.  This episode tries to get under the hood of Success Academy’s very successful approach to getting high test scores, and what conclusions can and can’t be drawn from them.

On one metric, percent of students scoring ‘proficient’ on the…

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