Ann Cronin: A Revised Ten Commandments for Donald Trump

Diane Ravitch's blog

Ann Cronin is a retired educator, now consultant, in Connecticut. This post appeared on her blog.

You are familiar, perhaps, with the Ten Commandments in the Bible. If not, refer to Ann Cronin’s post, where she repeats them. She has revised them especially for Donald Trump.

Here’s those The Ten Commandments tailor-made for Donald Trump:

You shall not make of yourself a god, a center of the world, a perfect being.
You shall not make an idol of money by worshipping an arms deal more than a human life and by giving tax breaks to the ultra-rich while denying hourly workers a living wage.
You shall know that words matter and use them judiciously not stirring up mobs by insulting those you present to them as enemies.
You shall honor what is holy. You shall reach out to those who have been targets of homemade bombs. You shall welcome those…

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