I Exercised My Right to Vote Today

Today was an early voting day in Texas. Usually, I don’t vote in the primaries, I reserve my vote for the general election. I usually do not vote for a particular party, but today I voted in the Republican Primary in Texas.

Honestly, the last several years I have not been a fan of the choices that the Republican party has made. To be more specific, I can no longer sit by and allow certain members of the Republican party to continue their mission to destroy the State of Texas and to a lesser degree the United States.

The number one enemy of public school educators is little dan partick. His constant crusade to pass a bill for school voucher, pass an unnecessary “bathroom” bill, created and forced an A-F school grading system on schools, and continue to underfund public education.

A few weeks ago as a last-ditch effort to garner the vote of public school educators, little dan announced a plan to give teachers a $10,000 pay raise. Wow, that sounds great, except he downplayed the how he planned to pay for this pay raise. Instead of passing the proper legislation little dan plans to push the cost onto the local districts. Yet another of the laundry list of unfunded mandates from Austin.

In the Lt. Governor’s race, I voted for Scott Milder. Scott has outlined a legitimate plan for when he becomes the next Lt. Governor. This was an easy decision for me. Vote against little dan and vote for Scott Milder.

Below are the two candidates response to 12 questions about education in Texas.

little dan’s responses

Scott Milder’s responses

One man gives great responses and the other is basically unresponsive. You decide for yourself.

I encourage every person that is eligible to vote to do so. If you fail to exercise your right to vote, then you also forfeit your right to complain about the decisions that are made.

Good luck to Scott Milder as he goes forward. Lord willing he will following through with the plans he has laid out.

David R. Taylor 30 Year Teacher, Coach, and Principal


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