A Clearing House for Academic Dishonesty Websites

deutsch29: Mercedes Schneider's Blog

I decided to share this site out of my desire to keep fellow teachers informed.

It seems that particularly over the last several years, websites offering to sell “custom writing services”– which means paying another for written work that will bear the non-writer’s name and for which the non-writer gets credit– are proliferating on the internet.

It also seems that some obscure entity, assignmentreviews.com, has taken to providing a clearing house to assist would-be academic cheats the opportunity to choose the best paper-writing fit for his/her needs.

It even offers this blog post, “The Best Ways to Cheat on a Test.”

And, get this: The site notes that “our interest is to shelter our customers from frauds.”

Customers can rely upon assignmentreviews.com for trustworthy assistance in shopping among sites peddling academic dishonesty.

Shake the trees and watch the irony fall like leaves.

Of course, it isn’t packaged as dishonest. It’s…

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