Larry Lee: Why the Alabama State Superintendent Lasted Only One Year and One Day

Sounds a lot like the path the DeVos is walking. Maybe will get lucky and she will last less than one year since she is equally unqualified for her position.

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Larry Lee is a specialist in rural education and a native Alabaman. He explains here why the state superintendent resigned or was forced out after only one year and one day.

“Thank God and Greyhound”

By Larry Lee

In 1970 country singer Roy Clark cranked out a little tune, Thank God and Greyhound. When I got the news on Sept. 13 that Alabama’s state school superintendent had resigned, this song came immediately to mind.

And why not?

Since he took office one year and one day from his resignation, the reign of Mike Sentance had been one misadventure after another. It involved two governors, a rogue state school board member, the state Ethics Commission, a legislative committee digging into a smear campaign and questionable contracts and hires.

It was a reality show on steroids, something like Naked and Afraid Meets Honey Boo Boo.

As much as anything it’s the tale…

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