High School in Louisiana Threatens to Sanction Athletes Who “Take a Knee”

Diane Ravitch's blog

A tweet by Shaun King, a columnist for The Intercept includes a letter by a high school principal in Louisiana threatening athletes with sanctions if they do not stand during the National Anthem.

Members of the NFL have said that the “#TakeAKnee” campaign is a protest against racism and police brutality.

Based on the action of one player (Colin Kaepernick) who is presently unemployed, Trump decided to turn the issue into a culture war in which he is the defender of the Flag and Patriotism. This is red meat for his base. If you #TakeAKnee” or if you disagree with Trump, you are against the Flag, the National Anthem, and Patriotism.

The good news is that NFL teams are standing together (that is, kneeling together) in unity against racism and police brutality; even their owners and managers are joining their protests. These are strong men. They are not easily cowed…

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