Ohio: ECOT, the Nation’s Biggest Dropout Factory, Designated as a Dropout Prevention and Recovery Center

We must remember that John Kasich is the ringmaster of this 3-ring circus.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Are the legislators of Ohio insane? Is the Ohio Department of Education totally corrupt?

Those are some of the questions that come to mind on reading that the state has agreed to designate the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow as a recipient of funding for dropout prevention and recovery center.

ECOT certainly knows a lot about dropouts.

It produces more dropouts than any other “school” in the state of Ohio, more than any other school in the nation.

As Stephen Dyer shows, ECOT performs worse than any other district in the state:

Now that it appears the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow — the state’s largest online school and the nation’s largest producer of high school dropouts — will be classified as a dropout recovery and prevention school (without a hint of irony) by the Ohio Department of Education, it is useful to look at just how dreadful ECOT’s performance has been.

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