This Parent Chooses the Local Public School

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Bertis Downs is a public school parent in Athens, Georgia. He is also an activist for public education and a member of the board of Network for Oublic Education. He wrote this column about why he and his wife chose their local public schools, published by Valerie Strauss on the Answer Sheet blog.

Downs wonders why elected officials don’t acknowledge the obvious fact that most people choose the local community public schools, not private schools, not charter schools, not religious schools.

He writes:

“There are excellent schools in every neighborhood in America? After all, the vast majority of America’s schoolchildren attend public schools.

“Why aren’t “community schools” — which seek to address the many out-of-school factors that effect achievement — a leading reform choice? Could it be that those are public school models that don’t profit anyone other than the communities of students they educate?

“Among the many great things…

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