John THOMPSON: DeVos Energizes New Push for Vouchers in Oklahoma

Diane Ravitch's blog

John Thompson, historian and teacher, teaches in Oklahoma.

He writes:

“National readers will be shocked, shocked, to hear that the nomination of Betsy DeVos marks the beginning of a new school privatization campaign in the red state of Oklahoma. Seriously, as each of our state’s school systems are attacked, we must share those experiences in order to inform our collective responses.

“On the eve of the November election, Oklahomans had reason to be optimistic about rolling back test-driven, market-driven reform and, perhaps, starting to restore massive cuts to the education budget. But, out-of-state “dark money,” funded a last minute, post-fact advertising campaign which defeated a state question which would have raised teacher salaries. Betsy DeVos’ American Federation for Children poured money into legislative races, often funding the opponents of teachers who were running for office.

“Trump and DeVos reenergized true believers in vouchers. A Republican legislator said that last year’s…

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