The College Remediation Hoax

Diane Ravitch's blog

Last week, the New York Times published an editorial criticizing the nation’s public schools for the rate of remediation courses taken by college students. It relied on a report prepared by Education Reform Now, which is part of Democrats for Education Reform, the advocacy group created by hedge fund managers to push charters, high-stakes testing, and Common Core.

Aside from the partisan advocacy of the funders and sponsors, there are basic questions of fact and interpretation, i.e., spin.

I didn’t go into the underlying study, but others did.

Alan Singer posted a blistering critique and suggested that the editorial writer would not have gotten through middle school with such faulty logic and weak evidence. While the editorial promotes Common Core, it fails the most basic expectations for textual analysis.

He reviewed the numerous flaws in the report and concluded:

“I don’t know if the New York Times considered any of…

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