Ohio: Reformster Chosen As State Superintendent

Diane Ravitch's blog

Paola DeMaria, an apologist for Ohio’s floundering, politically powerful, corrupt charter industry, has been named as State Superintendent. He is not an educator and proud of it.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer says he is a strong supporter of school choice and Common Core. Does he care about the public schools that enroll more than 90% of Ohio’s children? That’s not clear.

Stephen Dyer notes that DeMaria has defended charters when school boards claim that they are draining resources from public schools.

“DeMaria also is of the opinion that more money doesn’t improve student performance. This is a classic fallacy employed by many in the free market reform movement. The problem is it compares dollars spent with increases in test scores, claiming that if test scores don’t go up at the same rate as the spending, then clearly spending more doesn’t matter.”

Bill Phillis of the Ohio Coalition for Equity and…

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