BREAKING NEWS! Judge Rules in Favor of Teacher Challenging Rating!

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Attorney Bruce Lederman represented his wife Sheri Lederman in a lawsuit challenging New York’s teacher rating systemSheri teaches elementary school on Long Island is considered an exemplary teacher by her principal, parents, and former students.

The Ledermans won. The decision is posted here, on the NYC Parents’ blog.

Bruce Lederman writes:

“I am very pleased to attach a 13 page decision by Judge Roger McDonough which concludes that Sheri has “met her high burden and established that Petitioner’s growth score and rating for the school year 2013-2014 are arbitrary and capricious.” The Court declined to make an overall ruling on the rating system in general because of new regulations in effect. However, decision makes (at page 11) important observations that VAM is biased against teachers at both ends of the spectrum, disproportionate effects of small class size, wholly unexplained swings in growths scores, strict use of curve…

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