Sorry, It is NOT Teacher Appreciation Week

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Yesterday I posted a tribute to teachers by John Ewing, on the assumption that this was Teacher Appreciation Werk. My error. President Obama renamed it Charter Appreciation Week.

A comment from reader Chiara:

“The Obama Administration turned Teacher Appreciation Week into Charter Teacher Appreciation Week:

“This week, we honor the educators working in public charter schools across our Nation who, each day, give of themselves to provide children a fair shot at the American dream, and we recommit to the basic promise that all our daughters and sons — regardless of background or circumstance — should be able to make of their lives what they will. ” [The President’s Proclamation]

“It’s appalling how completely in the tank they are. They really require some kind of intervention in DC, some input from someone who isn’t employed inside the ed reform echo chamber.

“I guess “testing season” is over and now that…

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