Ten Years Post-Katrina, the New Orleans Community Forms BENOLA

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On February 26, 2016, Jennifer Berkshire released this 20-minute audio interview with long-time school choice advocate, Howard Fuller. I have written about Fuller in my ed reform who’s-who, A Chronicle of Echoes, for his involvement in founding the corporate reform vehicle, the Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO).

howard fuller  Howard Fuller

One of the prevailing questions about Fuller is the degree to which he is simply carrying out the wishes of funders such as the Walton Foundation as opposed to trying to use those funds to truly empower parents and communities. (I even hesitate to use the word, “empower,” because it has long been co-opted by corporate reformers and pasted over their obvious top-down efforts to kill community schools in favor of under-regulated “choice” strategically placed just out of true control of those whom “choice” supposedly empowers.)

That noted, after hearing Fuller’s interview with Berkshire regarding his assistance in…

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