John Warner: Save Us from Saviors

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The previous post by Paul Thomas quote a post by John Warner. I read it and wondered, wow! Why didn’t I know this guy before?

Warner writes a devastating critique of “educational tourists” and “saviors” like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg.

“This past Friday, under the headline, “The Myth of the Hero Teacher,” the New York Times shared the story of Ed Boland, an executive at Prep for Prep, a nonprofit tasked with putting minority children in elite private schools.
In 2006, Boland decided to leave Prep for Prep in order to “work on the front lines” and “be one of those teachers that kids really like and listen to and learn from….”

“He’d been inspired by movies like Dangerous Minds and Stand and Deliver, badass teachers that took control and led their students to the promised land of learning as measured by scores on standardized tests.

“Likely sniffing a…

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