The Confusion of Texas Teacher Retirement and Social Security

Many years ago in an attempt to close a loophole in Social Security Benefits a law was passed. Before the law was passed members of TRS (Teacher Retirement System of Texas) were allowed to work one day in a district that participated in the Social Security.

In the process of closing that loophole they penalized employees that had rightfully earned their Social Security benefits. The penalty basically reduced all Social Security benefits to one-third of the amount that they would otherwise be entitled.

After lots of confusion this article provides some clarity to the situation.

In order to eliminate the reduction in benefits I will have to work thirty years outside of the TRS. While it is better than the previous provision it still is a penalty for being a teacher.

The GPO provisions are designed to only penalize teachers. I guess teachers are supposed to die poor and not have any quality of life during their retirement years.


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