John King’s Wife Hired by Bellwether Consultants

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Melissa Steele King has excellent credentials. She is a graduate of elite Williams College in Massachusetts; she has a master’s degree in elementary education from Columbia Teachers College; and a doctorate from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Now she is an associate partner at the reformy Bellwether Education Partners.

She is also the wife of Acting Secretary of Education John King.

Bellwether, co-founded by Andrew Rotherham, is a leading force in the corporate reform movement. Rotherham has been a columnist for TIME. Currently he is on the board of Campbell Brown’s THE 74.

Among its clients:

TN Achievement School District, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, NewSchools Venture Fund, Rhode Island Department of Education, Stranahan Foundation, Walton Family Foundation, Stand for Children, CEE-Trust, Goodwill Education Initiatives, Harmony Public Schools (Gulen charter schools), TNTP, Rocketship Education (charter chain), KIPP, IDEA charter schools, The Mind Trust, Chiefs for Change, TeachPlus, and…

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