A Vote for David Vitter is a Vote for John White and Common Core

Crazy Crawfish

As you go to the polls tomorrow, I want you to keep this thought fixated in your mind. A vote for David Vitter is a vote for Common Core. Vitter has recently been proudly endorsed by all the John White and Common Core supporters in our state, the ones that rigged out BESE elections statewide. LABI and Lane Grigsby have endorsed Vitter. Grigsby, who has run the most despicable and deceitful ads against BESE candidates opposed to John White and Common Core recently even sent an e-mail to all of his employees at his various companies telling them they had to vote for Vitter.

Stand for Children, stands with Vitter. They are the ones responsible for running a fake newscast ad (WBRD instead of WBRZ) against Carolyn Hill accusing her of having committed crimes and having outstanding bench warrants for her arrest – none of which were true, but which…

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