Jeannie Kaplan: How Big Money Bought Total Control of the Denver School Board

Diane Ravitch's blog

Jeannie Kaplan, who served two terms on the Denver school board, describes here how the usual monied privatizers managed to win every seat on the Denver school board at the same time that “reformers” went down to defeat in nearby Jeffco and Dougco.

The money rolled in from Democrats for Education Reform (DFER)–the hedge funders–and other national reform groups to keep the privatization agenda in control, with not a single dissenter. Some of it is “dark money,” the kind that is hard to trace or not revealed until the election is closed.

Jeannie writes:

“Reformers” in Denver are claiming victory, and to some extent they should. They have been successful in buying a 7-0 school board. Following is the story of how the last seat was purchased on November 3 and how the big money was able to hold on to the two “reform” seats up for re-election.


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