How Low Can Morning Joe Go? The Hate-Hillary Obsession

Diane Ravitch's blog

I have been on many talk shows. I do so with a sense of urgency because I want to inform the public about the all-out corporate assault on public education. Before I speak, I think of all the parents, teachers, and principals who have contacted me with heartbreaking stories about children and schools injured by what is now happening across the nation. My two favorite experiences were with Jon Stewart and Bill Moyers. I have also gone on Chris Hayes, Ed Schultz, and Charlue Rose, among others. I even got to debate Geoffrey Canada on NBC’s Education Nation. The two shows that have never invited me to speak for Anerucan public education are Rachel Maddow and Morning Joe. Maddow almost never mentions education. But Morning Joe has invited all the big-time reformers on to bash teachers and public schools.

It turns out that Joe’s obsession this season is Hillary hating.

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