Jon Pelto: Another Disguised Corporate Reform Group Pops Up in Connecticut

Diane Ravitch's blog

Jonathan Pelto writes that Connecticut has acquired yet another corporate reform group, disguised an nonpartisan and independent.

Pelto writes:

Like some type of gigantic octopus the pro-charter school, pro-common core, pro-SBAC Testing scheme and anti-teacher corporate education reform industry has set up multiple front groups, while dumping more than $7.9 million dollars into their lobbying effort on behalf of Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy’s “education reform” initiatives.

By now you’d think these hedge-fund managers and corporate executives would have created enough different groups in their effort to create the impression that they are more than they seem.

But that’s just not the way it works…

Connecticut’s education policy arena is being honored with the presence of yet another “reform” front group.

And as with their earlier pronouncements, the charter school and education reform industry is claiming that their latest front group is an “independent source of accurate data and information that…

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