Social Security for Teachers

Please pass SJR 1 and repeal WEP/GPO from the Social Security Act. Teachers deserve the full Social Security they have paid in.

One teacher’s story:
Right now there is an issue that bothers me greatly: teachers’ social security benefits. I haven’t always been a teacher; I have been working since I was 15 years old and I wanted a car. The deal was that my dad would match as much as I could save up. He did, but it was just a down payment. I kept working to make payments, pay insurance, and buy gas for my orange Ford Pinto. I had a lot of different jobs from that time until and during my college years. Then, I was a computer programmer straight out of college (BA with Honors in Computer Science and English) and made my way up to the glass ceiling as IT Department Manager. Once I attained all the growth I could muster inside the corporate machine, I made a career change and became a teacher. The feeling I get from teaching makes up for the decrease in pay that I receive. It is a more rewarding life in other ways. As I get nearer to retirement, I have been learning that lower pay isn’t the only injustice for teachers. After years of service to our students and communities, we learn that not only are our pensions in danger, but also our social security benefits are reduced or denied based on our eligibility for even a very small pension. That’s just unjust. Please pass SJR 1 and repeal WEP/GPO from the Social Security Act. I deserve the Social Security benefits I paid in for all those years before I became a teacher, and so do the others who have had reduced hours and benefits in an effort to reduce their future pensions.

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  1. Your story at age 15 was my story. I also went to work 30 hours a week nights and weekends and paid into SS so I could afford a car while still in high school. I also paid into SS after high school when i was serving in the US armed forces and fought in Vietnam. After the Marines, I went to college on the GI bill and worked part time jobs because the GI bill wasn’t enough to meet all expenses.

    Then after I graduated from college I went to work for a corporation in middle management, a truck company with 5,000 trucks and I worked in the office taking care of personnel records and the payroll for the corporation’s mechanics.

    Even after I started teaching, I worked part time jobs nights and weekends for a few years working about 30 hours a week there.And some summers I worked full time outside of teaching and education.

    According to SS I worked long enough outside of education to qualify for a small SS payment and now I’m waiting to find out if I get anything.

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